Capita HQ, Blackburn

Built for Capita as part of the Capita/Blackburn regeneration programme and sold to private Jersey based investor.

The building is a landmark in the city landscape and its design has focussed on the need for a building that is more legible from a pedestrian scale and perspective. This design philosophy will come to the fore at night where a proposed backlit art feature will act as a beacon to the visitor descending into Blackburn.

Graham Cowley, Managing Director of Capita Property Consultancy in Blackburn sees the centre as a vital ingredient in the renewal of Blackburn city centre:

"The Centre will be a tremendous boost for this part of the city - a landmark building that emphasises Capita and the Council's commitment to creating new jobs and an increased spirit of civic pride and confidence in the area.

We are delighted to be providing a building that makes a positive contribution to the city of Blackburn as well as being an efficient and attractive office environment in tune with the needs of our own organisation."


Lancashire, North West England
Offices, Castleway House
50,000 sq ft
Capita Symonds